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Enchanted Knight Gift of Hedone

Welcome to the official website for the 18+ Pixel RPG

Gift of Hedone


In a realm on the verge of being engulfed in chaos and turmoil due to the King of Hedonia, an unassuming blacksmith finds their life intertwined with that of the High Maiden Princess. Reluctant to be entangled in the affairs of royalty, the blacksmith's motivations are driven by a burning desire to uncover the truth behind their inexplicable connection to the High Maiden.


As the King's descent into madness wreaks havoc upon the lands, the delicate equilibrium of the five elemental forces of Hedone is thrown into disarray. Recognizing the urgent need to restore balance and out of fear for their own safety, the High Maiden seeks the blacksmith's aid, knowing that their unique connection holds the key to unravelling the mystery that binds them.


Reluctantly, the blacksmith agrees to assist the High Maiden, driven by their own personal anguish towards Hedone. In their journey, the blacksmith and the High Maiden Princess will join forces with a vibrant cast of characters, each possessing unique skills and personalities. Together, they will navigate treacherous terrains, confront formidable adversaries, and delve into the depths of their own emotions. As they face the challenges ahead, this diverse group will forge a bond that transcends their differences, uniting them in a common purpose to restore balance and save their realm from the brink of destruction.

succubus Gift of Hedone

Where is the game up to?


Currently the game is still in the phases of:

Pre-Production: Conceptualisation & Story Writing


You can be a part of this process - see the next section

Gift of hedone cowgirl position
Gift of Hedone blowjob

Where can I find out more information?


The full details, updates, uncensored 18+ content, and exclusive Polls related to the development are available here on Patreon

Alternatively you can follow my socials for some basic updates

Twitter & Instagram


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