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Gift of Hedone - FAQ


What type of RPG will this be, Rogue Like, Turn Based, or Action?

Gift of Hedone will be a real time, hack and slash style action RPG


Will the Game be Mobile or PC?

The game will be on PC. Please be careful as there are currently scammers linking to an "Android" "APK" Version - please do not download these. These are fake.


When will the game be released?

As the game is currently in the Pre-production phases, there is no ETA on release. Full release will not be for a few years


Where will the game be available?

I do hope to release on Steam, but understand in Europe that Steam does not allow X-rated games, so I hope to look at having it available on a few different platforms.

How Big is the Team?

Currently it is just one person, myself. And as I work full time, I can only work on the game in my spare time.

Are you doing everything by yourself?

No, Although I am a solo team, I intend to make my life a bit easier and hopefully shorten the development time by either using some assets packs where appropriate - for example, backgrounds are from Szadi Art or I will look to expand the team for music VA etc.

Will this game have NSFW content?

Yes, this is an adult 18+ game that will have X-rated mechanics and interactions throughout your journey

How many characters will you be able to play?

On launch we aim to have 30 playable waifus - 10 of each class (rogue, warrior, mage)

Will there be Futanari content, and is it optional?

Yes, there will be futanari content, but it will be optional. If you do not want it, you won't see it.

Do you need play-testers?

Once there is playable content ready, Patrons will be the first to trial the game.

Are the characters who I think they are?

This game has a parody component in which some characters will look "familiar", but are not exactly who you think they are... you know, for legal reasons.

Why are you making this game?

So, one thing i've noticed with some of the adult 18+ games is that the NSFW content is just either cut scenes, or slapped onto the game for the sake of it. I hope to integrate playable NSFW mechanics, that's is actually related to the story/makes sense to the context on the world.

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